[Download] Complicated By A.C. Dupuis


By: A.C. Dupuis
Length: 245 pages
Release date: Sep 7, 2013
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What happens when a match meets gasoline? Intense heat followed by complete destruction.

Allison Marshall, Ali, is the younger, wilder sister of Houston attorney Rachel Marshall, soon-to-be Rachel Hall. Rachel landed Timothy Hall, a fellow attorney and eldest son of Texas oil tycoon, Nathaniel Hall. Ali's untamed lifestyle made her the perfect event planner for Rachel's bachelorette party. After a night of fierce partying, Ali surprises her sister with a visit to the strip club where the bachelor party was celebrating. That's where she met Timothy's brother, Tyson, for the first time.

Tyson Hall, Ty, is Timothy's younger, wilder brother. His dark past included an arrest which presented Ty with a choice, jail or the military. The choice was easy – he left for boot camp the day he after he graduated from high school. His military career kept him in Germany, leaving him distanced from his Texas roots. He had only heard stories about Rachel’s sister from Tim's friends but never had the pleasure of meeting Ali, until he was shoving a twenty down her shirt after a very erotic lap dance at Tim's bachelor party.

Their unorthodox introduction was followed by a night that changed the two of them forever. Circumstances out of their control separate them...but for how long? Will their heat sustain them? Or is it just too - Complicated?

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