[Download] Colour Reflexology: Audio Course By Centre of Excellence

Colour Reflexology: Audio Course

By: Centre of Excellence
Narrated by: Brian Greyson
Length: 2 hours
Release date: Oct 13, 2017
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The Color Reflexology audio-book explores the use of color light vibrations to enhance the benefits of reflexology treatments. Discover the theories, methodologies, and techniques of the practice and how to start and run a business as a Color Reflexology Practitioner.

Color reflexology combines two disciplines, color therapy and reflexology, to create a practice that promotes stability and wellness in a person's general well-being. This occurs through restoring and maintaining balance within the chakras and the stimulation of pressure points in the hands and feet, to aid in the recovery of body parts or organs.

The Color Reflexology audio-book explains the basics of how this therapy works before going into more depth about the various energy systems of the body. You will learn about the seven chakras, the Meridian system, how encouraging the natural flow of energy can promote good health, and how this can be achieved using color.

The course examines the science of color vibrations and wavelengths, the healing qualities of each color, and how this knowledge can be used alongside reflexology.

An Author's Republic audio production.

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