[Download] Cocktails on Fire: The Complete Guide to Flaming Drinks - Tips, Tricks and Recipes By J.J. Winthrop

Cocktails on Fire: The Complete Guide to Flaming Drinks - Tips, Tricks and Recipes

By: J.J. Winthrop
Length: 172 pages
Release date: Sep 14, 2013
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Cocktails On Fire - The Complete Guide to Flaming Cocktails contains over 150 easy-to-follow recipes for cocktails flambe. It's the only cocktail recipe book where the last line of every recipe is "Light it on fire and serve."

If you're a bartender looking for some new fire-themed cocktails and shot ideas to increase your tips or an amateur mixologist serving liquor to friends, this drink cookbook is a MUST HAVE. Along with the recipes, are bartending tips specific to flaming cocktails, presentation and consumption techniques, and a section on safety. Drink recipes are indexed in alphabetical order for easy navigation.

For aspiring bar owners: if you're considering opening a fire-themed bar of your own, this book will be the only source you need for drink recipes and presentation ideas.

This book makes an ideal gift for college students, bartenders, spirit and liqueur connoisseurs, anyone looking to add excitement to their get-togethers.

No one forgets the first time they see a drink being lit on fire.

Now fix yourself a cocktail, turn the lights down, and light 'er up!

PLEASE NOTE: This book, given that it's about mixing alcohol and fire, is intended for adults ONLY.

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