[Download] Clint Faraday Mysteries collection 14 By CD Moulton

Clint Faraday Mysteries collection 14

By: CD Moulton
Length: 191 pages
Release date: Sep 25, 2013
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col 14

Dead Still
“I was passing by on the road and saw them there by the rock. I watched a few seconds, but they were dead still.
“Well, I saw there was a Squirrel Cuckoo in that bush, so figured they were watching it. They spook easy.
“The cuckoo flew off, so I came down here, after I called and they didn’t answer.
“There they were! Like that!”
“Like that!” was a bullet in the head.

The Murder Option
“We have a few options with these problems,” Carl Wright said to the community meeting. “We can try to make them pass a law, we can make it a community project to embarrass people who do things to degrade the life here. We can do both, is what I suggest. People who throw garbage from cars or anything else on the streets have to be made responsible for breaking their bad habits.
“If anyone else has a suggestion, I’m listening!”
“You could strangle them!” Sam West said sourly. “I think I’d get a kick out of murdering that kind of trash! They make a fine community like this into something decent people want to avoid!”
You can take such things far too literally.

Dead Giveaway
“Clint? Amanda Presley here. I met you in David, two months ago? You said to call if there were any problems about the place I bought?
“Well, I’m not sure if it’s a scam or not, but they want me to sign a thing in Spanish, and I only have what they said it says. Does that sound like it could be a scam?”
“It sounds like a dead giveaway. Tell them to kiss your ass!”
They made a plan.
Then her brother and ex-husband ended up dead. Why them? Why not Amanda? Everything was in her name.
Bloody Sunrise
It was a beautiful starting day. The sunrise was clear and clean.
Then, the body in the river.
What did missing money have to do with it? Why was the Russian mafia involved?

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