[Download] Classified: Missing Cat-Sub By Robert C. Waggoner

Classified: Missing Cat-Sub

By: Robert C. Waggoner
Length: 134 pages
Release date: Sep 20, 2013
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Brad Pratt is summoned by his father, the Secretary of the Navy to the Pentagon. His usually calm father is in a high state of anxiety. Brad is told that the most secret military prototype mini stealth catamaran submarine has been lost. Its technology is a state of the art death machine. The government believes it was somehow stolen while in transit on the back of a Trident submarine. Brad and his Batt team are ordered to find it and punished the thieves.
The trail leads to a corrupt security; a greedy senator and manufacturing company; and to Hong Kong where the richest man in China pulls the strings. Additionally, a new covert assassination team has the contract to take out the entire Batt Team. Come follow the twisted trail to the missing cat sub.

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