[Download] Chronicle 2018 By Andrew Woodmaker

Chronicle 2018

By: Andrew Woodmaker
Length: 228 pages
Release date: Sep 24, 2013
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An old enemy will rise, and the country will be tested.

In this fifth year's worth of entries from a diary stored on a futuristic recording device found after a house fire, a desperate gambit is played by a failing nation.

In 2018, the source of the Mecca bomb is identified, but do the investigators have an ulterior motive?

Andrew Woodmaker is rebuilding his life and taking his job in a new direction, as the nation gets its first view of the new British spaceplane.

Nobody knows if this is a work of fiction or a true record of how things happened, and will happen. By reading the diary, some things may have already begun to change, and the future is not what it was.

But it could be that this is how it would have been.

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