[Download] Christ's Love Letters By Christine Williams

Christ's Love Letters

By: Christine Williams
Length: 341 pages
Release date: Dec 21, 2013
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"Christ’s Love Letters" is a unique and inspirational Daily Devotional in which Christ speaks and writes of His abundant love for His children and mankind, and our need to love Him and each other with the same unconditional love. There is a love letter for each day of the year.

Within this collection of love letters, Jesus paints a visual image of His beautiful nature and everlasting love; and He bears witness to His Biblical promise of continual love, friendship, gentle correction, and revelation. He brings us into His presence so that we hear His thoughts, opinions, and teachings over our own.

Christine Williams’ life changed drastically in 1988 when, much to her surprise, Jesus spoke and wrote through her for the first time. Desperately wanting to hear Jesus’ voice again, Chris made a new commitment to God, promising Him to come daily and listen for His voice. Though somewhat skeptical and embarrassed, she asked Jesus out loud, “Jesus, will You speak and write through me every day...? He lovingly wrote, “Yes, and I wish that all of My Children would do this because it causes them to hear Me more clearly.”

In 1996, Jesus asked her to begin sharing and publishing His love letters on the internet so that others might be blessed by them. Today, through the internet and Spiritual Bible Classes, Chris delights in assisting Jesus Christ, through His Holy Spirit. Together, they lead other people from all over the world into personal communication and intimacy with Christ. It is God’s desire, without regard to nationalities, countries and their governments, religions, gender, wealth, race... to inspire, edify, and bless all of His Children in this way.

"Love is the greatest force in My Kingdom, and it is the only emotion on earth that is preserved in heaven and throughout Eternity." (Jesus Christ)

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