[Download] Christ's Life in the Life of Christians By Grace Dola Balogun

Christ's Life in the Life of Christians

By: Grace Dola Balogun
Length: 187 pages
Release date: Dec 13, 2013
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This book will help you to understand your position in Jesus Christ as a Christian.
Reading this book will also give clear understanding of who Christ is in the life of believing Christians. It will give you more divine ability as well as the power of the indwelling of the
Holy Spirit that Christ gave to all who believe and gave their life to him.
Jesus Christ is the one who initiates and the one who establishes the new covenant and his heavenly ministry is far beyond and far more superior to the ministry of Old Testament priests.
The new covenant is an agreement, promise, the last will and testament and a statement of intention to be bestow divine grace and blessing on all those who believe in God; those who
in sincere repentance and through faith accept Jesus Christ as the true Son of God; those who receive Jesus Christ’s promise and willingly commit their lives to him personally and to the
Gospel of God. Christians became his disciples, his followers, his children, his servants, his messengers. We must remain attached, glued as the source of our life, in order to bear fruits.
God the Father is the gardener who takes care of the branches so that we may continuously bear fruits in the garden of the Lord. This is a must read book, it is a blessing to the entire Christians family.

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