[Download] Christmas Eve in the City (a holiday romance novella) By Evie Lester

Christmas Eve in the City (a holiday romance novella)

By: Evie Lester
Length: 147 pages
Release date: Oct 5, 2013
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Three high school seniors. Three Christmas wishes. Three days in New York City.

Marcy, Gia and Ellen head to the national choir competition where the top prize--scholarships for every member of the team--could change lives of every member of their high school choir. But they have to win it first. And they are up against some of the best choirs in the country. Still they have faith that their star singer will lead them to victory.

Only a monumental blunder might stand in their way.
Marcy Gordon has dreamed of visiting New York City since her mother and father told her romantic tales of their honeymoon in the city. With her father now passed, Marcy has only her memories. And this is her dearest one. With the scholarship they might win, Marcy sees herself matriculating at NYU and starting her glamorous life in the most exciting city in the world. But without New York, will she face a life of dreariness and regret?

Gia DeMarco is the star singer of the choir and she is carrying the hopes and dreams of her choir, as well as her family and friends, on her slender shoulders. She’s not sure she’s going to make it, and letting them down would be unthinkable. If only she had someone to lean on. Like the mysterious New York boy who appears as if by magic to offer his companionship and a tour of the town. But is he all he seems?

Ellen Albright has a problem. It’s her boyfriend, Zack. She’s been gone less than five hours and she can’t reach him on the phone. Not that she’s not thrilled to be in New York City. She has a long shopping list of presents she wants to buy and one special sight she wants to see--the most romantic place in New York. But she could relax and enjoy herself so much more if she could share the experience with Zack. But he won’t answer his phone. And the judgmental eyes of her two closest friends, Marcy and Gia, aren’t helping any. She knows they don’t like Zack. But she so does. And he feels the same, doesn’t he? But why won’t he pick up the phone?

So much hope. So many wishes. But these girls had better be careful drawing up their Christmas wish list. Because sometimes you just might get what you wish for on a snowy Christmas Eve in New York.

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