[Download] Chosen, 15 Minutes with Jesus By Victorya

Chosen, 15 Minutes with Jesus

By: Victorya
Length: 101 pages
Release date: Apr 1, 1982
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"My eyes beheld the Son of God, and King of Kings in all His glory, it was a divine blessing as I looked upon the most Blessed, as I came face to face with the truth, and the truth is, Jesus is Alive. I was Chosen, and spent 15 minutes with Jesus through a prayer and received a miraculous encounter with Christ, in January 1998. The message, 'forgiveness".

A true testament of Victorya's eyewitness event of the manifestation and visitation from Jesus which took place in January 1998.

An inspiring true story, of heartbreak, love, grace, mercy, repentance, and redemption. A read for all ages, that will lift the heart. Meet Jesus for the first time, or allow your faith to grow even more through the truth of Gods limit-less everlasting power and authority.

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