[Download] Celebration Trilogy Box Set By Patricia Gauthier

Celebration Trilogy Box Set

By: Patricia Gauthier
Length: 767 pages
Release date: Sep 9, 2013
Rating: 1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (268 votes, average: 5.00 out of 5)

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Read all three books of the Celebration Trilogy in one convenient set and save money too! Get three books for the price of two!

Complete set includes:


What can a girl raised in a rural convent by a group of celibate nuns expect out of life? Okay, so it turns out she's a heiress. Now what? If you're Trish Haywood you open an event planning business and make it a huge success. Should she even dare to dream for more? Life is good...sort of...maybe. Or that was what she thought before the kidnapping...
Davis Sinclair has just moved to Harbor Springs form the big city with his four year-old daughter. Deciding to get back into the 'game'of dating, he attends a charity bachelor/bachelorette auction. How is he supposed to know Trish is the organizer and not one of the gals for 'hire'? Not one to give up easily, especially when she looks as delicious as Trish, he insists she go out on at least one date with him. All right, so he has to play a little dirty to get his way. All is fair in love and war, right?


Melissa Greene was feeling restless and unappreciated with her love life. Dating Larry Harmon for two years felt like a friendship with benefits instead of true love. Would she have the nerve to step out of her comfort zone and search for the man of her dreams? When Dr. Brady O'Brien stumbles into her life she 's immediately attracted to him. Problem is, Larry's not giving up. Not by a longshot.


Eve Bennett is the new preschool teacher. Shy and reserved she encounters Jackson Mills while surveying her new classroom and claiming to her new boss that she has just been hired by Sylvia Sullivan. Furious, he promptly fires her. It doesn't matter that she seems very capable and qualified, it's the principal of the thing.
Now Eve doesn't know what to do. Should she believe some guy in a Hawaiian shirt and flip flops? So what if he's handsome and smart. That's not what she's looking for in a boss. Certainly she would never consider him for anything else...right?

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