[Download] Caverns of the Dreamtime By Jan Hawkins

Caverns of the Dreamtime

By: Jan Hawkins
Length: 745 pages
Release date: Jun 30, 2013
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The 4th and last book in The Dreaming Series, we journey with Tom as he matures into the Ancient Lore he was born to. Lost in the struggle between the Australian Aboriginal Lore and his fight to discover just who he is, Tom tries to make sense in the influences of the world around him and to find a place amongst his people.
Reach into the Dreamtime and meet the ancient Kadimakara, creatures of a world of shadow. Learn about the balance of the worlds and the Spirit Men who influence and attempt to govern our very lives.
Travel with Tom as he steps into the world of the Sorcerer’s and struggles to find his way back towards the world he knows. Faced with the decision about his future he has to decide which mould he would chose for himself and in which way he will model his life.
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