[Download] Cat's Wolf By Leanne Crabtree

Cat's Wolf

By: Leanne Crabtree
Length: 126 pages
Release date: Sep 11, 2013
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Kaitlin Mahone is a puma shifter and daughter of the Council Leader. She has been trained in several forms of hand to hand combat and knows how to look after herself. As a cat shifter, wolf shifters have always been her enemy. So when she runs into one while out on surveillance she runs away.

The following night, while out with her best friend, Misha, they bump into a group of wolf shifters at a club. Misha leaves but Kaitlin stays, feeling an odd connection to one of them--Rhys--the man from the night before. It's then Rhys tells her he thinks she's his mate.

Kaitlin doesn't know whether to believe him and leaves but upon arriving home, her father is waiting and tells her her "needing"--a period of time where she will will be susceptible to pregnancy--will soon be upon her. Who will she choose?

What follows is a story of following your heart and overcoming your demons; including an overbearing father and controlling your inner beast.

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