[Download] Castle Walks in Monmouthshire By Harri Roberts

Castle Walks in Monmouthshire

By: Harri Roberts
Length: 128 pages
Release date: Dec 15, 2013
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Wales is a country famed for its castles.

These magnificent stone fortresses are rivalled only by the stunning landscapes in which they stand.

Monmouthshire is one of the most densely castled areas of Wales and formed the core of the ancient kingdom of Gwent, the first Welsh kingdom to be conquered by the Normans in the 11th century.

Many of the early motte and bailey castles built by the Normans have vanished over the centuries; of the later stone castles, Monmouthshire still boasts some of the largest and best-preserved in Europe.

All twelve walks in this book start at, or close to, one of Monmouthshire's castles and each offers an exciting introduction to the area's history and its natural beauty.

Walks range from 5.6 miles (9.1 km) to 12.3 miles (19.7 km). Routes pass through popular areas like the Wye and Usk Valleys and Black Mountains, a section of the Wales Coast Path as well as lesser-known, but equally beautiful places, like the ancient woodland of Wentwood and the peaceful Monnow Valley.

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