[Download] Carefronting People to Christ By Tim Patrick

Carefronting People to Christ

By: Tim Patrick
Length: 133 pages
Release date: Dec 14, 2013
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Jesus calls believers to care for and minister to people who are away from God and share the “Good news of Jesus Christ.” Often people feel awkward fulfilling this responsibility and think they must be direct and confrontational in their approach. What causes this struggle? Is it fear, Satan, lack of knowledge, insecurity or disobedience? Dr. Patrick shares a hybrid word that consolidates the words caring and confronting and provides a fresh approach to ministry, “Carefronting.” “Carefronting,” as observed in the life of the shepherd, is discovered to be the heart of God.

“Carefronting” is an approach, not a method and not a program. Approach represents heart. Approach motivates! Approach motivates us to reach out to people and stirs our heart to follow through on the task.

The “Carefronting” approach was developed from the unlikely intersection of three diverse individuals. The three individuals: a first-century shepherd, a home delivery propane truck driver and a pastor share a common approach. The approach encompasses the shepherd’s caring nature and the passion that inspires him to pursue wayward sheep.

In the pages of this book you will meet a fictitious character named Cliff. Cliff describes the shepherd’s heart as he identifies the qualities that contribute to his effectiveness as a shepherd. Serving, sacrificing, nurturing, connecting, loving, caring, earning the right to be heard and intentional leadership are discussed. Each of these qualities contribute to effective ministry/evangelism. This teaching will give you a new appreciation for the shepherd image found in the Bible and a fresh approach to serving people.

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