[Download] Buenos Aliens By Mel Vil

Buenos Aliens

By: Mel Vil
Length: 467 pages
Release date: Nov 22, 2013
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"[I]f you want to know about the glory days of partying in a place like this.. this is your book" Joshua (5* review)

"Ever fall in love with a foreign place because of stories someone told you? [Mel Vil]'s Buenos Aires in a book..." @bravenewlady

Three friends stand at the entrance to the members-only club that is the Buenos Aires underworld. They journey past the point of no return accompanied by a cicerone of dubious quality.

The story takes place in the mid-naughties, a time when Buenos Aires was dealing with the fallout of a political and economic crisis that had engulfed the entire country. Most Argentinians remained in a state of post-traumatic shock, others protested in vain. The only to profit from the chaos were the minions of the underworld. The guide to this demi-monde, however, is a man fighting to save not only his own morality but also his v.i.p. credentials.

Buenos Aliens is the story of a friendship forged in the unlikeliest of crucibles. It is the story of acts that cannot be explained in terms of their intentions. It is the story of drugs being consumed and drugs being sold. Above all, it is the story of indecision and the unexpected relationship between two Englishmen, an American and an Argentinian.

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