[Download] Buddha By Karen Armstrong


By: Karen Armstrong
Narrated by: Kate Reading
Length: 6 hours
Release date: Jan 29, 2001
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This rich, timely, and highly original portrait of the Buddha explores both the archetypal religious icon and Buddha the man. In lucid and compelling prose, Armstrong brings to life the Buddha's quest, from his renunciation of his privileged life to the discovery of a truth that he believed would utterly transform human beings and enable them to live at peace in the midst of life's suffering. Buddha also expands to focus and meditate on the culture and history of the time, as well as the Buddha's place in the spiritual history of humanity, and the special relevance of his teachings to our own society as we again face a crisis of faith.

"[P]enetrating, readable, and prescient."-New York Times Book Review

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8 Responses to “[Download] Buddha By Karen Armstrong”

  1. Gary A.

    Absolutely AWESOME! !!
    Never before did I get such a useful and informative account of the Buddha’s life and teaching.
    I’m going to buy the written version as well and treasure it. ..read it and use it as an inspiration in my own practice.
    Thank you, Karen. …well done. bravo ! !!

  2. Karie C.

    great book read well. The’book is the story of Buddah and some of his most important teaching. Book shows history and one can clearly see that a thousand year history can still repeat themselves today.

  3. Gala Sebastien

    Don’t bother
    The Buddha didn’t want anything written about him and didn’t want to be worshiped. This whole book is speculation.

  4. fxboyle@aol.com

    Nice companion with Wood’s “The Story of India”
    Well written, very reverent. Given that his disciples documented his life, Armstrong does a very good job of extracting the human from the religious texts. An excellent companion to Michael Wood’s “The Story of India,” adding depth and color to the history of the subcontinent. Siddartha is legend and monumental in the history of ideas. Facinating that 100s of millions follow a faith founded by a man who eschewed the supernatural. This book has a lot to teach the west about seeing the world as it is, without judgement and without fear.

  5. Tonette Podany

    after much initial excitement I soon became disappointed. The discourse is simply boring and fails to describe the true buddha.

  6. Leslie L.

    Good Introduction to the subject
    What was the most interesting aspect of this story? The least interesting?

  7. Gabriela Mackessy

    I found this to be a very academic look at the life of the Buddha. It was interesting to a point but I don’t think those of us who are interested in the spirituality of Buddhism will find chronilogical review of his life very satisfying.

  8. Cliente Kindle rfb

    highly recommended.
    Engaging and thoughtful book covering all aspects of Buddha’s life and thinking. Carefully written and read.

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