[Download] Brankin Huoh By N.T. Bergeron

Brankin Huoh

By: N.T. Bergeron
Length: 346 pages
Release date: Sep 27, 2013
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While still a young boy Tagan confesses to his parents that he can see into the beautiful world of Quanna Eresse. Their over the top reaction convinces Tagan that something is wrong with him and he tries to suppress his ability. Forget about it altogether. But Tagan comes to learn that those in Quanna Eresse have been waiting for this moment to end a conflict with the Draepkos that started long ago in the pages of history lost to time.

The Draepkos are also aware of Tagan’s ability and are terrified that he learn the truth of things and open the eyes of those they have enslaved for it will spell the end of the tyrannical, oppressed world they worked so hard to create. There is no way they are about to let that happen. The Draepkos decide to keep Tagan under wraps and induct him into the service of Lozan and the Citadel he commands in the hopes that kept away from the citizenry of Brankin Huoh they can control Tagan.

Tagan is freed from the clutches of the Citadel by Braulor, a half-brother he didn’t know he had and together they flee the pursuit of the Citadel guards and attempt to join Braulor’s clan far from the clutches of the Citadel. On their escape from the Citadel Tagan is almost killed and while unconscious he is visited by Meyu Kwi a mysterious ambassador who imparts to Tagan the real history of Quanna Eresse and Brankin Huoh and why they are two separate worlds now. How it is that Tagan can see into Quanna Eresse while others cannot. More importantly he tells Tagan that all of mankind should be a part of the peaceful splendor that is Quanna Eresse and how Tagan can fix the fractured worlds of the Draepkos’ creation.

The fear of change extends beyond the low level enforcers however and the scent of freedom wafts up the chain of command, extending to those that hide in the shadows; to the real power brokers that keep humanity under their boot and the thought of losing control makes them quake and they pull out all the stops to find him.

With the promise of change in the air there are many who wish to make a grab at the reins of control and like the vegetables in a boiling pot of stew, one by one they come from the shadows to join in the hunt for Tagan. Each of them driven by their own agenda and their own vision of a future of their creation. They all want the same thing and they know Tagan has the been told where to find it. They all want to learn the Prophecy of the Amber Eye.

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