[Download] Booshzee Gal By Shawn Hicks

Booshzee Gal

By: Shawn Hicks
Length: 282 pages
Release date: Jan 25, 2014
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Ambitious. Arrogant. Materialistic. And definitely, booshzee. These are just the polite phrases to describe Tamara, a model, dancer, and actress who aspires to have her name in bright lights, with fame and fortune following after. Not that she deserves it, for she will shamlessly manipulate anyone for whatever fancies her. Whether it's men for money, college schoolmates for term papers, and even her own admirers for perks and favors. For she is determined to let nothing stand in her way. Not her mother and her old island mentality, her fickle friends, nor even the menacing neighborhood criminal that is set in having her all to himself.

Tamara's adventures takes her from local dance competitions to being the star of a top rated reality show. But not without consequence, as her uninhibited thirst for success comes back to spiral her world out of control. From the likes of shady movie directors, underworld characters, and even a occult sex group run by the rich and powerful, all threatening not only her but those around her.
Come enter the world of Tamara Stokely, aka Booshzee Gal. No arrogance allowed. She has enough for everybody.

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