[Download] Book of Days By Charles Bechtel

Book of Days

By: Charles Bechtel
Length: 456 pages
Release date: Jan 1, 1972
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It begins: “Claude had a mother and two sisters, older, a grandmother — in his memories, a shadow — three angry aunts, (one married with children: a boy in diapers, another boy, and a girl who liked to tickle his testes on occasion) and, for a time, a father.”

And so it was... We live, we love, we marvel, we become the lost, we suffer loss, we seek our joys and reach for our potentials.

Our lives, as was his, are made up of the people with whom — and because of whom — we grow, whether they remain or vanish with the dawn. There are some who go abruptly, leaving enormous holes where they once had stood, and some who remain as dependable as the air.

The "Book of Days" more than follows the life, the soul, the heart and thoughts of Claude, a boy who wanted to draw, a youth who had to see, and a man compelled to put himself on a canvas. The twelve days visited invite a reader to inhabit this person, who sought only to find honesty and permanence among those who touched him, and within himself.

Claude’s story is told in twelve chapters, each covering a different but significant day in his long life. Through them all, a reader will find the quintessential American man of the late twentieth century: a boy, a friend, a man, a lover, a husband, a teacher, a father.

The author considers the "Book of Days" to be the most honest and humane book he has ever written. Join him, and you’ll fall in love several times.

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