[Download] Book 1 of the Un-Named Chronicles: Forthright and Clement By Peter M. Emmerson, Ellen Mae Franklin

Book 1 of the Un-Named Chronicles: Forthright and Clement

By: Peter M. Emmerson, Ellen Mae Franklin
Length: 475 pages
Release date: Sep 22, 2013
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Pete Emmerson and Ellen Mae Franklin, brought together by a common love of Fantasy Fiction. Two authors from opposite sides of the globe have come together to create an ongoing series of adventures based around the Un-Named.

Introducing a saga of intrigue, love, fantasy and horror entitled; The Un-Named Chronicles, this is Book One... the story of: Forthright and Clement
“The use of Magic is forbidden!”

The Un-Named, the magic wielders; loathed, reviled and feared for being different, forced to hide from constantly searching eyes; from the eyes of those who would strive to expose them to The Render.
As the Un-Named struggle to acquire their rightful position in a world that has hated and persecuted them for centuries, a fearsome danger escapes from its five hundred year old prison.
Two extraordinary companions begin a journey to discover the origin of the strange phenomena that is allowing wild magic to leak into the world, but they aren’t the only ones who are interested in that source and not for the same reasons either.
The world is under threat of total destruction and only through the powers of magical arts can it be saved and protected –


“The use of Magic is forbidden!”
Book Two, Armitage and Envy, the continuation of the saga, exposes a new horrendous challenge to face The Un-Named.

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