[Download] Bewitchments By J.A. Hornbuckle


By: J.A. Hornbuckle
Length: 357 pages
Release date: Sep 25, 2013
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Zoe Patterson has a problem.She's lusted after her best friend's brother and co-owner for years, using him as the fuel for all her sexual fantasies. But in real life, the man of her dreams is, in her opinion, nothing but a controlling ass.Trevor MacQuaid has an issue.He finds his co-owner, Zoe Patterson, the embodiment of physical beauty, a walking wet-dream. That is until she opens her mouth and lets her inner bitch emerge. Which happens frequently whenever they're together. One trade show convention later, they have a mess.Under the lights of Las Vegas, Zoe and Trevor discover what they had decided about one another was wrong, wrong, wrong. And they begin to connect over a solo BDSM scene gone bad, tequila shots which go down oh-so-good, and the sharing of a bed where something may or may not have been better than any fantasy or dream they could've concocted.From the author of Pole Dance, Human Hieroglyphix I & II, Tap Dance and Everybody Falls, comes the new Grantham novel "Bewitchments". A story that brings back the characters from the other books to help Zoe and Trevor on their not-so-smooth road as both business partners and as potential sweethearts. It's a story about releasing assumptions and admitting the truth about what the heart wants. Occasionally, problems are only opportunities in disguise.Intended for mature audiences only. Contains Graphic Language and Sexual Situations.

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