[Download] Best Served Hot By MK Moran

Best Served Hot

By: MK Moran
Length: 304 pages
Release date: Nov 21, 2013
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Sean Patrick Bowyer, successful businessman, father, and gifted country club golfer, has been married to Sylvia, the daughter of notorious Cleveland crime lord Franco Capello, for more than twenty years. When he discovers that his wife is having an affair with Anthony Scarfoni, one of her father’s lieutenants, he settles on a course of vengeance that backfires in spectacular fashion and destroys everything he holds dear. Stung by his losses, Bowyer turns his back on his old life and gravitates to Las Vegas, where he learns to put his country club skills to use as a high-stakes money player, unaware that Scarfoni is bent on his own, far more violent, form of revenge.

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