[Download] Basketball Warriors By Dave Stone

Basketball Warriors

By: Dave Stone
Length: 249 pages
Release date: Sep 22, 2013
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Basketball is a game for boys, and when you are a boy it’s hard to get enough of it.
Last year we finished near the bottom of the league, but hope springs eternal and we expect much more in the season ahead. There are only six of us on this year’s team, but six is enough. We’re one year older, one year taller, and have one more year of experience behind us as well.
Just before the opening game our coach resigns. (Quit may be a better word for it.) The league rescues us with a quick replacement, but is this a rescue or simply sabotage? Only time will tell.
Follow along on our bumpy ride as we play a little ball, learn a few techniques, and come together as a team. Win or lose we’ll give ‘em heck, as we make our quest for the championship ring.

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