[Download] Aware Of Aware By Ben Williams

Aware Of Aware

By: Ben Williams
Length: 159 pages
Release date: Nov 26, 2013
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“Even if there are only one or two validated Near Death Experiences in the AWARE study, then this proves the existence of the soul.”

This is the remarkable hypothesis generated by the author and medical scientist, Ben Williams. In AWARE of AWARE, the clear rationale behind this hypothesis is explained in lay terms. The book also details the enormous implications this study has for mankind: what to expect from the afterlife; evidence of heaven and hell, but not as you’ve been told; the existence of the Being Of Light (God); and the death of the soul.

In the last quarter of the book, the question is asked: “Do any, just one or none of the Major Prophets completely represent the Being of Light?” If you have an unquestioning loyalty to Hinduism, Moral Relativism, Atheism, Buddhism, Islam, Judaism or orthodox Christianity, then you may find the conclusions of this objective analysis unsettling. If, on the other hand, you have an open mind, are intrigued by the idea that there is conclusive evidence of the existence of the soul and are keen to learn about how to look after that soul, then this might just be one of the most important books you ever buy.

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