[Download] Avalon, the Prequel: Invasion of Memories By M G Kizzia

Avalon, the Prequel: Invasion of Memories

By: M G Kizzia
Length: 433 pages
Release date: Sep 7, 2013
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It is said the Kairos has never lived a quiet life, but in the deep past, when the ancient gods conspired to block his memories, he found he could at least live a relatively normal life, most of the time. Such a thing had to be done with great care, even by the gods, because there would be times when he would need to remember himself as the Kairos, the Traveler in Time, the Watcher over History. In those times, the memory block was designed to come down, but everyone could only hope it did not come down too fast or all at once. A sudden influx of memories from so many past and future lifetimes might be incapacitating, and that might prove disastrous for humanity and for history.

When Glen, the Storyteller, is attacked by the alien Vordan, disaster is what everyone expects. His mind and memories as well as his body all need to move fast to meet this threat to the future of the human race. But he is in danger of being overwhelmed when memories of past and future lives bombard his mind. He needs a release valve for the pressure. He finds it by telling stories of his past, of times earlier in his life when the memory block came down and he had to deal with whatever threatening situation presented itself at the time. The stories help, and that is important because this time he cannot afford to become incapacitated by too many memories coming too fast. There are three Vordan battleships on the moon and an invasion he needs to stop.

Invasion of Memories tells 9 tales of the Storyteller from Nursery School to well into adulthood. It is a journey from New Jersey, to Ireland and Vienna, to Virginia and New York City, and to the ships at sea. And all the while, Glen is trying to stop an invasion that history (the future) does not remember – one that never happened. But there are serious problems here. There are layers of trouble and Glen, with the help of the Men in Black, and Alice, an innocent lawyer drafted into the middle of it all, have to dig deep to uncover the whole story and find a solution. Glen knows these local Vordan could not have come to Earth without help. It isn’t the pilot fish that he must find and contend with, it is the shark.

Invasion of Memories ends where the Avalon series begins. The Men in Black recover Lincoln, once held captive by the Vordan, but Lincoln’s wife Alexis is still missing and he is desperate to find her. The Kairos turns his mind from alien intruders to a missing woman and determines she is lost somewhere in time.

Look for Avalon, the Pilot episode, available now for 99 cents, a science fiction-fantasy, time travel adventure aimed at that sweet spot where all good television belongs – where the improbable becomes possible and the impossible becomes probable.

Also look for Avalon, Season One – 13 episodes of magic and mayhem, cavemen and space aliens, kidnappers and other ghouls, demons and monsters, all of whom stand in the way of the travelers from Avalon who only want to get through the time gates and return to their homes in the future, alive.

Thank you for reading Invasion of Memories. I hope you enjoy the memories and Happy Reading.
-- Michael

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