Born: York, The United Kingdom
Twitter: GordonInPerth
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Samantha Rose is an author/blogger who was born in York in the United Kingdom. She trained as a veterinary nurse and then went on to do a Preliminary Certificate in Newspaper Journalism and worked as a freelance writer for a veterinary publication. Some of her published articles involved work experience with HM Customs and Excise (currency detection dogs), London Heathrow Animal Reception Unit and the RSPCA.

In 2008 Samantha emigrated with her husband (and cat Gordon) to Australia and since then has completed a Cert IV in documentary film making. She is the author of the popular blog titled, ‘The Pigaloo Diaries’ and has a particular interest in writing short stories about talking animals.

Samantha is a trained and licensed snake catcher and has removed a few snakes in her time, including an injured highly venomous snake that she brought home and kept in her bedroom for the night! Although she no longer partakes in this somewhat dangerous activity, her snake catching gear remains in her car - just in case.