[Download] Atlas Sulks By Wm. W. Munk

Atlas Sulks

By: Wm. W. Munk
Length: 318 pages
Release date: Sep 18, 1913
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A corporation intends to steal our airwaves!
The President of the herculean Atlas Radio Company,
beautiful, headstrong Dabny Talbett schemes to
privatize the nation’s airwaves.
She enlists Hondo Roache, a high powered lobbyist
to wrest the needed votes from two mulish senators.
Opposing Dabny is Rafe Nailer,
the dogged leader of the Public Cause Group.
He and his feisty fiancée, Vera Standfore sometimes fight with words,
other times they fight with their fists.
Throughout the story appear the relentless Talk Radio Hosts.
Their outlandish bloviations demonstrate a truly unhinged viewpoint,
laughably so.
The Hosts make millions for Dabny.
She’ll make millions more when she owns the airwaves.
But she’ll lose millions if Rafe wins the battle.
ATLAS SULKS is timely.
It’s also deviously subtle and funny in very sly way.

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