[Download] As Birds Soar: One Family's Journey Living with ADHD, and Autism Spectrum By B. Suzanne

As Birds Soar: One Family's Journey Living with ADHD, and Autism Spectrum

By: B. Suzanne
Length: 136 pages
Release date: Sep 14, 2013
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A diagnosis is NOT a definition.
The diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder and anxiety, ADHD, and celiac sprue disease did not limit one loving and exceptional child. This inspiring story of one family’s journey shows that parents who believe in a child’s potential are the most important advocates for those who have been labeled and limited by the special needs complex and the medical system. It offers a feisty “out of the box” example that demonstrates a successful intervention for a special needs child, and also offers a model for being an advocate for any cause you believe in.
For Amy and Sam, it was a struggle of many years of trying to provide a stable positive upbringing and quality education for David with his multiple medical conditions. Formally diagnosed at age three with high functioning autism spectrum disorder, David later received additional diagnoses of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder ADHD and celiac sprue disease. His parents sought an alternate path outside the prevailing medical, educational, and social policies and norms of the day that categorized children who were different and had different needs. A bleak prediction for David’s future took on new meaning for them as they embarked on a resolute journey to help their son. Filled with many obstacles and setbacks, this journey empowered a child who is a loving, remarkable, and talented individual.
The Cooper family’s story took on a larger mission of bringing attention to a broken system that in most cases takes a tremendous financial and emotional toll on the average family in the efforts of making a child better. Along the way the family did find dedicated professionals and special people who greatly helped David to develop, blossom and believe in himself. The Coopers entered, with hope, the vast complex of the special needs industry with its alluring maze of products, treatments, and services that promised the cure or improvement of autism, ADHD and other medical conditions.
This story is for any family who faces unexpected crises dealing with a child’s medical conditions and the quest to secure his or her rightful place as a valued, contributing member of society. Often the diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder and related disorders for a child can be devastating news to parents. However new scientific research being done at major university medical centers and private companies around the world brings hope in finding a cure or at least a successful treatment. The importance of intensive early intervention needs to be emphasized to ensure the best possible outcome. Creating a society that will accept and embrace differences will enable increasing numbers to succeed. Because of differences and different approaches of viewing the world, many of these individuals have made enormous contributions to society and world culture. Now David has grown into a talented young man who is making a positive contribution to society that those who diagnosed him could not have imagined.
As Birds Soar will be helpful for parents as it will give insight into the struggles, hopes and challenges of another parent of a child with special needs in general. It is also helpful for early intervention, health care, and education professionals and other members in the community. Because the diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder, a neurodevelopment condition impacting language, communication and social skills is increasing at an alarming rate world-wide, this story lays out one family’s journey and authentic stories that attempt to touch on the breadth of issues and concerns that the child and the entire family face. .
May this story join with other similar stories of struggling to inspire parents to actively participate, engage and advocate for the best possible path for their children who do not fit neatly in any box or label.

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