[Download] Answer Then Question By Ian Ebbitt

Answer Then Question

By: Ian Ebbitt
Length: 250 pages
Release date: Jan 1, 2014
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A collection of poetry comprised of both fictional and non-fictional inspirations. Ian takes a traditional style in Haikus and puts a modern taste to them. Some of Ian’s poems are based on his life events and accounts but others are not at all, especially the more melancholy ones. Ian tends to take an actor’s approach to many of his poems, as in he gets most of his inspiration from observing people and then imagines a situation or scenario and puts himself in as the character of that story. He delves into these fictional situations so much so that as the reader you cannot believe that the events are not his own.
Ian has yet to find a subject matter that he will not write and pour himself into. This book demonstrates just that with the wide range of topics he covers. Unlike some writers and poets that stick to particular themes of interest, Ian mixes them up with his favorite being everything.

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