[Download] Anatomy of a Wish By Hayden Chance

Anatomy of a Wish

By: Hayden Chance
Length: 313 pages
Release date: Sep 8, 2013
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Griffin Gallagher has several problems. He’s just lost his job. He can’t pay his bills. He has no passion for anything. And worst of all, he’s hungry as hell and can’t afford to eat.... Until he finds a coupon for free soup that draws him to the strangest place he’s ever been: The Catalpa Diner, a North Side Chicago eatery where nothing is as it seems, and everyone has a secret.

There he finds the most peculiar group of people he’s ever met. Reina, the stunning and compassionate waitress who takes her profession a little too seriously. Héctor the angry and bitter cook who all the customers, for some reason, adore. Theo, the busboy who shows a strange interest in what all the customers are drinking. And the boisterous and tactless Jimmy Catalpa: the dark-sunglass-wearing owner who makes a deal with Griff that leads him further and further into a bizarre, mysterious and deadly world that most humans are never aware of, but exists right under their noses.

Join Griff on his hilarious, terrifying and tender journey through a spectacular and mystical Chicago landscape to discover exactly who he is inside and what he’s been hungering for all his life. And learn, as he does, how dangerous it is not to know there’s magic at work in the world...

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