[Download] An Olive Oil Tour of France By Alice Alech

An Olive Oil Tour of France

By: Alice Alech
Length: 103 pages
Release date: Nov 30, 2012
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In France, producing olive oil is serious business. It's also usually a family business. In An Olive Oil Tour of France, writer Alice Alech takes curious olive oil novices and olive oil lovers behind the scenes of olive oil production, learning fascinating facts about the green nectar, meeting the people involved in blending both traditional and modern methods, as well as studying how the olive oil industry has evolved over the years. This is not just a recipe book, or a list of health advantages of olive oil but an appreciation of Provence and Corsica's contribution to the world of extra virgin.

Since living in the South of France and writing about olive oil I found it natural to change my eating habits and to adopt a healthier lifestyle. This took me straight to the wonderful discovery of olive oil, and with that I met some fascinating people: growers and producers who speak with passion, drawing me into their olive oil world as they relate their different stories, olive oil tasting experts who patiently explained what to look for when you sip and slurp, cooks who have discovered healthy and tasty extra virgin and finally those involved in sharing their knowledge, teaching and promoting olive oil in France.

It seemed right that it should all be documented, hence my decision to write An Olive Oil Tour of France.

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