[Download] An Indian Sojourn By Ellen Besso

An Indian Sojourn

By: Ellen Besso
Length: 405 pages
Release date: Sep 19, 2013
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Holistic Life Coach Ellen Besso had always wanted to travel to India. As a coach and author she helps women uncover their passions and find new directions in life. For as long as she could remember, Ellen has had a preoccupation with India and its people, feeling drawn to go there. An Indian Sojourn: One woman’s spiritual experience of travel & volunteering is a wonderful book describing her travel in India. Ellen writes: "India’s draw is complex; we can’t understand it within the frame of reference of our Western minds, and that is part of what pulls us in. Once our constant internal analysis abates, we’re more open to flowing with what is unfolding around us. To say that the environment there is over stimulating would be an understatement. People, vehicles, cows, even the colours are de trop, but my approach has been, “bring it on”. I was thirsty for India after waiting for her so long and I wanted to soak in every tiny little detail."

Ellen and her partner Don have now made three journeys to India; during their travels they made lifelong friends, volunteering and tutoring Tibetan refugees in Dharamsala, India. This book is also about the heartfelt stories of the refugees, fellow travelers and the Indian people themselves and the effort of trying to understand cultures very different from ours. Ultimately though it is the moments when we are not so far apart that defines An Indian Sojourn – One woman’s spiritual experience of travel and volunteering. This is the second book in Ellen Besso’s MidLife Maze Series.

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