[Download] An Imperfect World By Lyoness Bradley

An Imperfect World

By: Lyoness Bradley
Length: 280 pages
Release date: Oct 7, 2013
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The year is 1978 and Leigh Webster yearns to escape from her overbearing parents and their plans to marry her off to the son of a wealthy family friend. Things are looking bad enough for her senior year, but when court ordered desegregation comes to her suburban high school, the entire school is suddenly in an uproar.

A chance encounter brings Leigh face to face with an attractive desegregation student, Chris Logan. They become friends and eventually fall in love, but they know their secret romance can never become public knowledge, not only will both their families forbid it, but their classmates would never understand.

Leigh breaks it off with Chris and begins dating Ron, who's father plans to help finance her college education. When Leigh arrives at Boston University she realizes that Chris Logan has ended up on the same college campus. She does her best to avoid him, but it seems impossible. Leigh is uncertain about her future with Ron, but after a brief affair with Chris, she ends it for good. Ron loves her and they get along well, she knows both their families will push for a marriage, life with Ron will be safe and secure, how can she dispute that?

Years later, when Leigh's family is affected by a terrible tragedy Chris Logan appears again. Will he be a comfort to Leigh in her time of need or a painful reminder of her past?

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