[Download] An Evergreen Christmas By Tanya Goodwin

An Evergreen Christmas

By: Tanya Goodwin
Length: 179 pages
Release date: Nov 1, 2012
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Dr. Holly Green hasn't celebrated Christmas since age thirteen when her parents were killed in a car accident on Christmas Eve. An uber surgeon and social wallflower at New Hampshire's Granite State Medical Center, Holly successfully dodges the hospital party every year, except this year when she meets Dr. Noel Shepherd, sexy, new surgeon on the block who's determined to end her absenteeism.

The polar opposite of Holly, Noel revels in the Christmas spirit, sporting a penguin print tie and Santa sticker on his beeper.

From the moment Holly bumps into Noel, she can't deny her attraction to him. Noel likewise lights up around Holly.

When their relationship heats up over the holidays, Noel buys an evergreen tree that he and Holly could decorate together. But his surprise quickly sours when Holly refuses to have anything to do with the tree. Has Noel crossed the line, catapulting Holly into a Christmas she isn't ready to celebrate?

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