[Download] Allano's Travels in Mexico and Guatemala By Allan Taylor

Allano's Travels in Mexico and Guatemala

By: Allan Taylor
Length: 117 pages
Release date: Sep 7, 2013
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The joys and hazards of traveling alone and with companions are described in detail for Mexico and Guatemala in particular. Major tourist attractions such as Acapulco, Mexico City, the Yucatan, Antigua Guatemala and many more are investigated and evaluated, in the hope this will inspire others to do likewise.

The history of the towns and regions are explained and how they have changed from Spanish colonial times to the present day. The beautiful towns of the colonial era from Taxco to Guanajuato and Zacatecas are explored. Silver jewellery with precious stones is often admired and bought as everlasting mementoes.

Allano's favourite chillage spot of Panajachel, Guatemala and adjacent Lago Atitlan, a beautiful lake surrounded by volcanoes, is described in detail. It is the result of a super volcanic eruption that blew a huge hole in the landscape, which subsequently filled up with water. Another massive climatic disturbance described is the ancient meteorite strike in the Yucatan that destroyed all the dinosaurs.

Misadventures are related and how to travel safely is elaborated. On average you may be robbed once per month. The secret of successful travel is to know how to minimize the risks encountered. Finally, Allano leaves Mexico and takes a month to get to Panama by bus, arriving safely, in time to catch a plane to South Africa.

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