[Download] Affirmation of the Sirens By Sonya C. Dodd

Affirmation of the Sirens

By: Sonya C. Dodd
Length: 206 pages
Release date: Aug 10, 2013
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A siren in exile. A man alone. Each suffering their own torture at the way they were torn apart; and so begins the third instalment of the siren trilogy.
But it doesn’t end with the punishment, it’s only the beginning; the beginning of a change for sirens which will alter their paths forever.
Can Rachel and Greg endure the obstacles which block their future happiness? With the Mediterranean rocked by storms and tsunamis, how can two people possibly hope to come through the turmoil together and live to tell the tale?
With the law of the sirens about to be rewritten after centuries of equilibrium is Rachel strong enough to withstand the affirmation of the sirens?

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