[Download] Adolescent Pregnancy By Farber Ph.D., MSW, Naomi, Naomi Farber

Adolescent Pregnancy

By: Farber Ph.D., MSW, Naomi, Naomi Farber
Length: 434 pages
Release date: Dec 2002
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"Adolescent pregnancy is an important public health issue and this valuable, well-referenced book covers the risk factors, child-family outcomes, and prevention .This is a very useful book for social workers and other professionals as a single source of current information about adolescent pregnancy and prevention."


This new edition of Adolescent Pregnancy contains everything a social worker needs to know to address adolescent sexual health risks and the recent rise in teen pregnancy rates. The second edition presents a new focus on cultural competence, presenting up-to-the-minute research on ethnically diverse populations.

This edition goes beyond just adolescent pregnancy, discussing STI and HIV risks, as well as drug and alcohol abuse. Other cutting-edge topics include the sexualization of children, secondary prevention, the impact of abstinence-only programs, and controversies over access to birth control and abortion.

Key features:

  • Guidelines for identifying pregnancy risk levels in adolescents, and determining appropriate interventions
  • New information about STI and HIV/AIDS prevention strategies
  • Theories of illegitimacy and teen pregnancy, and why pregnancy rates vary among ethnic groups
  • Research on pregnancy prevention programs that help both young men and women avoid unwanted pregnancy
  • Chapters on adolescent parenting, and secondary prevention among adolescent parents

With this book, practitioners can provide young men and women with the tools they need to regain control of their lives and their sexual health. A critically important read for social workers, health professionals, and policy makers who are concerned about adolescent pregnancy.

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