[Download] Above all Else... Survive!: Nikki & Kenny Book 5 By Juliann Vatalaro

Above all Else... Survive!: Nikki & Kenny Book 5

By: Juliann Vatalaro
Length: 468 pages
Release date: Sep 6, 2013
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For the past two plus years Nikki and Kenny have dedicated their life to helping others. They've opened a chain of sporting goods stores called Fighting Chance in hopes that keeping kids involved in sports they will stay away from alcohol and drugs. They've opened a security company in hopes of protecting the innocent. They've donated time and money to multiple foundations and charities.

But most important to them, they've become Special Agents for both the FBI and Homeland Security. In their role as a special agent they've risked their lives many times. Using the physical and mental gifts
they've been blessed with, they've faced and overcome many challenges. They know when they work
together they can succeed at anything.

Nikki has been surviving since she was eleven years old. Meeting and marrying Kenny has made that challenge easier. Whether they are working for the business or out on a mission, they work together to control and survive any challenge they are faced with. Not easy considering Nikki believes she was put on this earth to help others above all else, no matter the risk to her own life.

Kenny believes he was put on this earth to help Nikki realize her potential. His challenge since the day they met has been to help Nikki realize it is not okay for her to die. He believes that after six years he finally has completed that challenge.

Now they're faced with a challenge they have no control over. One where surviving may not be an option for either of them. Because if one dies they both die. Can Nikki forego helping others and face the challenge to come up with a solution? Can Kenny face the new challenge of making Nikki realize that no matter what, above all else...she must survive!

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