[Download] A Temporary European By Walt Christophersen

A Temporary European

By: Walt Christophersen
Length: 276 pages
Release date: Sep 12, 2013
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What it was like to live and work as an American reporter in Europe in the mid-80s, covering stories for a weekly TV newsmagazine broadcast on PBS. Author Walt Christophersen describes everyday situations at his home base in Cologne, Germany, such as finding an apartment and buying a car, plus experiences on the job as he travels a wide area stretching between Iceland and Cyprus. His assignments take him to the Normandy invasion beaches and Dresden to cover key wartime anniversaries. On the lighter side, he confronts gypsy pickpockets in Paris and tracks down Sherlock Holmes in Switzerland. Taking a wider look at international broadcasting, the book also peeks behind-the-scenes at Blue Danube Radio in Vienna, Radio Free Europe in Munich and CNN International in Atlanta.

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