[Download] A Tale of Deception By Alexa Stewart

A Tale of Deception

By: Alexa Stewart
Length: 251 pages
Release date: Oct 24, 2013
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How wonderful to be rich! Or does money deceive? What happens when someone takes and not give - to deny those who are hungry, hurting and abandoned? Is it wrong to have so many shoes that you can't possibly wear them all, or an abundance of clothes that can't be held in one closet? Is it immoral to have so many possessions they need to be contained in a storage unit, warehouse, or larger home? What does money do to our souls, our lives, our love for others, when we keep what we don't need and don't allow God to guide us through its influence? Peter Michael Lawrence was one such hunter of wealth, who became infected with greed. And greed does not give up its victim easily, once it takes hold. Find out how he missed out on the real wealth in life - love, family, and devotions to God. See how his drive for wealth affected the lives of Ann, Marty, and Emma, now living with Nessa Drummond who was alone and vulnerable to his web of deceit. Find out how he could hurt so many and even cause death to follow.

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