[Download] A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss By Mike Hilton

A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss

By: Mike Hilton
Length: 342 pages
Release date: Sep 24, 2013
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It covers the life starting from the Grandmother who experienced the hardship in the 1920’s of a mother who had to bring up her two children without any financial help so her children her children were subjected to a very hard life. When the girl finally grew up who was then in her teens ran away with a young Jewish man who came from a wealthy Jewish family, but unfortunately could not keep his hands off women consequently she continued to suffered a hard life. Not having the atmosphere of a tight family background her children did not have a bond with their parents. This built a barrier around their hearts so that in the coming years it was difficult for them, especially the Author to have a close relationship with anyone. Not having a father to guide and advise him of the things of life, he was left to his own desires. Having a positive attitude no matter what the situation he was able to handle each situation. His experience of travelling to Australia at the age of seventeen with a group of other young boys and the mischief they caused during the trip, then being taken out into the country life of Australia compared to that of England was quite daunting, This experience lasted a few years before deciding that the country life was not for him. So making his way down to the city of Sydney where he had a slight problem with the police so packing up and returning to England for a period of two years before deciding that England was not for him. While there he fell in love with a student school teacher who promised that she would follow him out to Australia once she had completed her University degree. This did not happen much to the distraught to the author. Spending two more years in Sydney working as an assistant to the manager of a large battery company. He again left and returned to England for another short period before returning to Australia, but this time it was Perth as each time his ship called into Perth he was determined to come and live here one day. Perth was the only Place that the author really felt at home so the following years saw him get married, ventured into several business that not all were successful , so even at the age of seventy eight he still had to earn a living. Which did not bother him as he enjoyed the cut and thrust of life.

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