[Download] A Fistful of Charms By Kim Harrison

A Fistful of Charms

By: Kim Harrison
Narrated by: Marguerite Gavin
Length: 17 hours
Release date: Jan 9, 2008
Rating: 1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (1,166 votes, average: 4.00 out of 5)

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The evil night things that prowl Cincinnati despise witch and bounty hunter Rachel Morgan. Her new reputation for the dark arts is turning human and undead heads alike with the intent to possess, bed, and kill her-not necessarily in that order.

Now a mortal lover who abandoned Rachel has returned, haunted by his secret past. And there are those who covet what Nick possesses-savage beasts willing to destroy the Hollows and everyone in it if necessary.

Forced to keep a low profile or eternally suffer the wrath of a vengeful demon, Rachel must nevertheless act quickly. For the pack is gathering for the first time in millennia to ravage and to rule. Suddenly, more than Rachel's soul is at stake.
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61 Responses to “[Download] A Fistful of Charms By Kim Harrison”

  1. Gary A.

    Still lots of fun, but…
    I’ve really been enjoying this series as a fun, not too deep, summer distraction. Even though the narrator makes the occasional pronunciation mistake in the previous books, I’ve enjoyed her performance overall. Living in Northern Michigan, however, I have a BIG problem with her narration of this novel. Since a lot of the story takes place on or near Mackinac Island, she really should have learned the correct pronunciation of the name. Mackinac is the French spelling, while Mackinaw is the English spelling, but both are pronounced the same way. Every time she said “Mackinack” instead of the correct pronunciation of “Mackinaw” I winced. And that was many, many times. So, if you’re from Michigan, or just know what the correct pronunciation should be, you might want to read this installment instead of listen to it. It might save you some pain.

  2. Julie D. Dickinson

    Really bad – will be returning this one
    What could have made this a 4 or 5-star listening experience for you?

  3. Annie The Audible Addict!!!

    Excellent and entertaining!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    If you could sum up A Fistful of Charms in three words, what would they be?

  4. Camila Thon

    Thoroughly Entertaining !
    Would you consider the audio edition of A Fistful of Charms to be better than the print version?

  5. Bethanie Whitker

    a fistful of charms
    keeps getting better every time I read or listen to these books. great job! love it

  6. Merle Roane

    annoying spoiled neurotic witch
    In a word, repetitive. The repetitive use of phrases like ” it sent a surge of Adrenaline through me” as well as “I am a white witch” and “God, what am I doing” left me annoyed.
    The storyline and characters except for pixies seemed to come from daytime tv. Avoid this series. Jim Butcher and Tanya Huff are incredibly more interesting and much easier to read. They strike a chord on your emotions, while this novel fell flat, not even interesting action. The plot happens to the heroine, nor really the driver of the plot.

  7. Carlene Forgrave

    Really like this series!
    This is the best book yet in this series! I really enjoyed it with its new twists. If you’ve been listening, this installment won’t let you down!

  8. Wm K.

    If it wasn’t for Jinx…
    Ok… Rachel is a dumb witch… She does so many things that are stupid, impulsive and not well thought out. Things has to be explained to her in the simplest terms… The only reason im still going through with this series is because I adore Jinx and his pixie brood… Jinx and the pixies need their own book. Rachel annoys me to no end And I often roll my eyes over her antics and her trying to be in control. They go on a mission to rescue Jacks and this idiot check in under her real name… Like seriously?!! She is so stupid… The story is good and it keeps me listening and wondering whats going to happen next… But i do get tired of the story being told only from her point of view… I loathe stories being told only from one point of view… But that seems to be all the rage nowadays… Wish there was a warning on the label about the point of view the story is being told from…

  9. Claudine Mamoran

    Not her best
    I’ve read this entire series by Kim Harrison, and I love the series. This book, however, is the weakest one in the series. Keep going, the others are great. This one, not so much.

  10. Takako Demelo

    great book
    great book, loved the narration, out of 200 audiobooks this series is one I keep being drawn back into again and again

  11. Rhoda Toomer

    Life is not fair
    the only thing i dont like is Rachel’s constant whining about things not being fair. ahe is a grown woman who should have learned long ago that LIFE ISA NOT FAIR and whining doesnt solve problems. otherwise this is my favorite book so far.

  12. Candida Ayres

    I liked the previous books but in this story Rachel was just to whiny about everything.

  13. Celina Stoneham

    Another winner
    I can’t wait to see what happens next. A lot of “series ” lack after the 3 or 4 the book. Kim is one that has not. Can’t wait to hear them all.

  14. Star B.

    love this series
    Wish the narrator said NOS and didn’t spell it out. but love this series, its in my top 5

  15. Haley Bouten

    Overall a very enjoyable book
    Sometimes the narrator would use inflections or pauses that did not seem to flow with the scene. I did like her use of different accents and voices to differentiate between characters.

  16. Bleu

    Action from Start to Finish!
    I feel like the series really hit it stride with this book. Where the first few books felt a little slow in spots, this one was action all the way through. A lot happened, and while the relationships still feel a little over-dramatic at times, I’m enjoying the development of the characters. Looking forward to the next one!

  17. Osvaldo Patrum

    Great series, ok book
    Narator is great, overall series is good, this book was ok. To much long boring relationship distractions. Main chatacter makes to many stupid unbelievable decsions just to move plot along… other books in the series are way better..

  18. Antoinette Mankiewicz

    She really must make better decisions
    Would you say that listening to this book was time well-spent? Why or why not?

  19. Sergio Seiz

    The miss morgan set love them all
    Very good set I have listend to them all and will listion to them agin

  20. Tory Eustice

    What could have made this a 4 or 5-star listening experience for you?

  21. Daine Rowbottom

    Fist Full of Action
    I’m glad I waited to read this series because now I can read the books one after another and not have to wait. The latest installment in the series is full of action and suspense. It spends a lot of time on Rachel’s character- her evolving magical abilities , her evolving relationship with Ivy and an introspective look at her motivations. There is a look into the werewolf culture in Rachel’s world. Now that she is working with a werewolf, I imagine werewolves will become a bigger part of future plots. Nick is back. This time we meet the real Nick. I won’t give away any spoilers but I was really disappointed. I was very happy the Rachel remained strong and true to herself throughout the book. I hope Nick makes another appearance in the future. I would like to know the trouble he is in, as long as Rachel stays out of it. This book had many twist and turns. When I thought it was about to end, something would go wrong and there would be a new twist. I have to say I enjoyed this book and have already bought the next book.

  22. Regena Gussler

    i love these books!!!!
    they are so fun and keep you interested

  23. Felix Aresco

    These books just keep getting better.
    I am listening to the complete “Hollows” series after reading them a few years ago. It’s more fun the second time around and would recommend fans of the series to do the same.

  24. Sebrina Mayland

    Grating Voice – wrong Title for Me
    Would you try another book from Kim Harrison and/or Marguerite Gavin?

  25. Bennett Dietze

    Totally Engaging
    Another totally engaging Hollows thriller. Fast plot, great character development…will keep you on the edge of your seat and listening for the sound of wolf howls and pixie wings.

  26. Kieth O.

    absolutely love this series can’t wait to listen to the rest. couldn’t put it down…

  27. Celsa Vosburgh

    Very good book!
    I seriously recommend this series to anyone that likes books about witches and the unthinkable.

  28. S. Shelton

    Oh Curses (pun intended)
    The gang is off on an adventure: Rachel, Ivy, Janks, Jacks, and Nick. Rachel is in need of some stronger charms, bordering on black magic. Rachel and Janks experience transformations. There is really a lot of action that takes place in this book. I am relieved that there is none of the vamp seduction like there was in book 2. Janks provides tons of comedy. A powerful ancient item is up for grabs, who will be the finders/keepers? When finally arriving back home at the church, Kisten and Madelina are glad to have them back.

  29. Angelic Palecek

    Fun, Exciting, Sexy!
    Another faced paced action fantasy by Kim Harrison narrated by the talented Margueite Gavin. You will not be able to turn it off!

  30. Seth T.

    solid story line, well worth your time! well balanced and active enough to keep your interest!

  31. Dong Natcher

    The most exciting yet
    Would you recommend this audiobook to a friend? If so, why?

  32. Layne Sisson

    An artifact in the wrong hands
    Any additional comments?

  33. Ivan Mcquiggan

    Were are we heading?
    There is development in the author if not in Rachel’s decision making. I am beginning to compare this to the “Kill Bill” movies where the main character’s mistakes propel us from situation to situation. Here we are exploring the ‘Hollows ‘- true science fiction. We get into vampires and demons and elves and especially pixies. Jenks is really something- “Have you seen a pixie battlefield?”!! But mostly this one is about weres. What does it mean that Rachel transforms into a red wolf?

  34. Shon Stinar

    I love Kim Harrison
    And I love this series.

  35. Clinton M.

    Rachel Rocks!
    This book is action packed and full of adventure! Rachel Morgan becomes more involved with demons and her relationships with Ivy Tamwood and Nick evolve. The gang actually leave Cincinnati on a rescue mission which causes a unique set of challenges. We get to see Jenks in a whole new light which makes this my favorite in The Hollows series so far.

    I listened to this on audio and while I enjoy Marguerite Gavin’s narration many sentences were halting and broke the flow of the book. She even made mistakes with character’s voices a few times which was terribly distracting. Whoever was in charge of production really dropped the ball but I still loved the book.

  36. Trevor Steinle

    Simply Excellent
    This is my favorite book in the series. Excellent writing- fast paced and exciting, excellent narration.

    I am definitely a fan!

  37. Tyron Kittner

    No spoilers
    Very good book. Loved the world MS. Harrison gives the characters are fantastic and will be reading more. The narrator dose a great job giving each character a voice that makes the book come to life.

  38. Raymundo Pulse

    Please don’t do it
    What disappointed you about A Fistful of Charms?

  39. Faustino S.

    Awesome BUT I am commenting on next book narrator
    As usual the book and narrator say fantastic. No complaints from me. Then I go to the next book and it is a different narrator. What happened to Marquette Gavin????? I am half way and can not get use to her voice. It is very blah. Like some reading from a book with a monotone voice, no getting into characters, and all the names, places, and characters voices are sooooo different it is ruining it for me. Pascari name is read differently….. I am not a happy camper. Be forewarned listen to the sample. This really sucks I am so hooked on these books.

  40. Markus Hayburn

    enjoyable tale
    Chocked full of engaging characters and well turned phrases, well worth a listen.

  41. Nicki Wilmoth

    Kim Harrison does a fantastic job of creating characters and a world that you want to be apart of.

    Her writing (in my opinion) is flawless.

    The Narrator is the best narrator for the job, absolutley wonderful to listen to, and truly captures every character and emotion.

    Just make sure you start with book 1

  42. Wilbur Goger

    Great fun
    This is the first time that I can write that I enjoyed the audio versions of this series more than reading the books themselves. The narrator is perfect. When reading on my own, the sarcasm and wit does not come as clear as when this narrator, Marguerite Gavin, reads the emotions and humor into the words. I’ve listened to every book in the series except the last one (because they switched the narrator) merely because I loved her reading.

    This story, and all the previous, are very funny and are an original slant on the paranormal/romance genre. The pixies, the vamps and of course, the witch/demon Rachel Morgan are loads of fun.

  43. Tangela Debrie

    Outstanding! Flirting w/black and demon magic!
    What did you love best about A Fistful of Charms?

  44. Alton C.

    One of My Favorite Authors
    Would you recommend this audiobook to a friend? If so, why?

  45. Delmer P.

    My favorite by far!
    I picked up the first book on a lark and have now listened to all six back to back. Whew! This is an addicting series & “Fistful” is my favorite of them all. The story is fastpaced and taunt; I couldn’t put it down. The dynamic between Rachel and the other characters is really enjoyable. The tension between Ivy and Rachel has me in knots!! I’ve become an “Adrenaline Junkie” by way of my addiction to these darn audios. And Ms. Gavin is fantastic as narrator. I wish she narrated #6! In fact, I’m listening to this one again & enjoying Gavin all the more for having missed her interpretation in #6.

  46. Floyd Fisanick

    A fun ride
    First time I read this book I was a teenager and frustrated with Ivy and her needs and how she and Rachel fit together as friends and partners. The review I wrote then expressed that, but this time around all I’m seeing is how they are helping each other grow. Relationships of any kind are tough when you’re screwed up, but the way this series handles it while mixing in magic, hijinks, drama, and adventure is just great. Also great is seeing Rachel get closure on a past relationship and start to slow down her antics, thinking more and being more careful about who she trusts and why. She’s learning things she doesn’t like about herself and figuring out how to use that knowledge to improve, and that is something I adore about her progression.

  47. Megan M.

    Being irritated by the heroine gets tiresome
    Is there anything you would change about this book?

  48. Wilbert Capell

    Totally addicted!
    I can not get enough Rachel Morgan! High intensity with lots of twists and turns. I am always left wanting more! Please let Rachel live forever!

  49. Les Balderama

    Great fun, voicing not perfect
    Love the series, love the ability to listen while active. What I don’t love is the voicing. Ms. Gavin hasn’t the vocal range to carry it, and her Jenks is so annoying as to almost put me off the recordings.

  50. Brenton Mosena

    Nick is the worlds biggest douche! I like Kisten better anyway & the whole adventure package is off the hook!

  51. Moriah

    This series is an amazing series but this is by far the best. I could not stop listening. The characters become even more real and I laughed non stop. There are so many twists and turns that you may feel dizzy but in the best way possible. Don’t miss out! Download it!!!!

  52. Vernon L.

    My Fave Thus Far
    Loved this one, really brings the relationship between Ivy and Rachel forward, explains the dynamics between them better from Ivy’s perspective. If you love Jenks though, THIS is the one to read!!!

  53. Max C.

    Third times a charm!
    So good I’ve read it not once not twice but three times!! Can’t get enough! Wish there was more!!

  54. Zack Buess

    Audio issues
    The speed was off throughout the book. Feature of poor editing? Odd vocal transitions like it was spliced disjointed.

  55. Dorlene Butler

    Distracting Narration
    Narrator just couldn’t seem to find the right timing for this read…..VERY distracting and frustrating, although the story is good.

  56. Felipe Walicki

    Another great story. I can’t wait to start the next book! The best storyline I’ve gotten into in a long time.

  57. Kirby Bierl

    First Thought(s):
    JENKS!! Got to love a pixie that uses Tink (Tinkerbell) as a curse.

    The Plot:
    Rachel and Jenks hit the road in order to save one of Jenks’ sons. Oh and Nick (Pfft).

    The last time Rachel saw Nick he was leaving town and wouldn’t tell her the whole reason he was leaving. Jenks’ son, Jax was living at Nick’s place to take care of his plants while he was out-of-town.

    Jenks and the rest of his pixie family left the church that Rachel and Ivy share as their home because of a fight he and Rachel got into during the last book, Every Which Way but Dead. It’s been a long winter without the pixies around and Rachel is sick of Jenks not talking to her. So when they get word from Jax that Nick is missing and Jax needs help they drop their difference and hit the road to save them.

    In true Rachel form this is no simple road trip. There are vampires and werewolves involved and Rachel fighting for her life but she has her trusty backup, Jenks. And Jenks is very much front and center in a big way.

    We didn’t get to see of Trent this time about but my fingers are crossed that he will show up in the next installment, For a Few More Demons. Which that title has me a little nervous. I’m thinking we may get to see more of Al.

    The Characters:
    Rachel is a kick ass witch but at the same time she boarders on “too stupid to live” but in a funny and endearing way. With the help of her friends, Rachel learns why she makes some of the dumb choices in her personal life. And knowing is half the battle, right?

    Jenks is a cocky and snarky pixie that’s always there for his partners Rachel and Ivy. He would die to save Rachel and his family. And I think he feels the same about Ivy but he hides it.

    Ivy has it hard being stuck behind wanting to be Rachel’s friend and partner to wanting more from Rachel. Not to mention she is trying to fight off some personal demons.
    Nick… is a turd and Rachel’s human ex-boyfriend.

    Kisten is a sexy vamp who is dating Rachel and seems to really care for her. He is also Ivy’s ex and friend.

    The Narration:
    I’m not sure if it’s Gavin’s narration or Harrison’s writing that keeps me coming back. I think it’s a little of both. I can’t picture myself reading this series now that I’m hooked on Gavin’s voice for the series. She does an amazing job for all the characters. Her voice for Rachel and Jenks is the best.

    Final Thought(s):
    JENKS!! One of the best secondary characters ever! And he summed up my feelings about Nick in this quote… “No one cares little green turds about you.”

    Will I continue the series:
    Hell ya! It gets better with each book. I’m really enjoying the snarky humor and the building relationships between the characters.

  58. Sau Salin

    I am enjoying this series. But, this was by far the best book yet! In this one you learn what makes a lot of the main characters tick. Now if you have listened the the first 3 books in the series you may have figured Ivy and Rachel out. Well I hadn’t! Even Kisten, Nick and Jenks surprised me a little.

    Here’s my recommendation, if you stopped at book two or three in the series it is worth it to make it to book 4!

    The narrator Marguerite Gavin is wonderful. But I will say that the production quality was not great. At one point I had to double check that the speed was not at 2x.

    I would say is definitely worth a credit!

  59. Olivia

    The Hollows series is funny, thrilling, edgy and well-written. It’s Mercy Thompson meets Sookie Stackhouse and I am happy I stumbled across this series in an service Sale. Marguerite Gavin is a wonderful narrator and I hope she narrates the entire series.

  60. Customer

    On the edge of your seat the whole time!
    The book was wonderful. I couldn’t put it down the entire time. It Continued To Keep Me Guessing And On The Edge Of My Seat With Suspense.

  61. Crystal

    I loved this book
    I couldn’t put it down! Kim Harrison is an amazing writer, I love her books.

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