[Download] A Course In Awakening: An Academic Approach To Enlightenment By William Talada

A Course In Awakening: An Academic Approach To Enlightenment

By: William Talada
Length: 245 pages
Release date: Nov 11, 2013
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You are here to become enlightened. I won't disrespect you with clever questions such as "who becomes enlightened?" Such responses only confuse the seeker. Your search has brought you to the right place. You will be given all the models of understanding you need to get yourself to awaken. You will be given directions and indicators to help you gauge exactly how close you are getting to the center of realization. Each step you take brings an immediate reward, giving you the courage needed to take more difficult steps. There is no need for grace. You are fully in charge of precisely when you will awaken. No other books are needed for you to achieve this goal. Most likely you have read dozens of books on spirituality, attended many satsangs, retreats, and meditation centers in the hopes of finally understanding what enlightenment really is, only to leave more confused and frustrated than when you arrived. All the abstract words you read or hear that are left undefined such as divinity, source, grace, consciousness, emptiness, ego, and forgiveness tend to put you in a blissful state of hopefulness. These don't give you direction on the practical things you can do to move forward. They are like a drug which keeps you coming back teasing you into thinking you will eventually understand. This lack of clarity in teachings is a trademark of semi-awakened teachers. Truth is plain and obvious through simple awareness. I will strip away the magic, and reveal the simple machinery and how to work it, making it child's play for you to become enlightened.
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