[Download] 50 Shades of Greed: The Services SETA, Warts and All By Ivor Blumenthal

50 Shades of Greed: The Services SETA, Warts and All

By: Ivor Blumenthal
Length: 329 pages
Release date: Mar 1, 2014
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Who are the heroes and villains of the Skills Revolution? How have political parties and trade unions benefitted from their association with the Services Sector Education and Training Authority (SETA)? Is a democratic and peaceful transformation possible in the South African and African context? Telling the story of Ivor Blumenthal’s experiences as the CEO of the Services SETA, this book seeks to provide the answers to these and other questions. Blumenthal presents a review of his time there and addresses the circumstances of his leaving—and the state of the Services SETA as he left it, forcefully removed from his position in the organization. He provides an untapped internal perspective of the Services SETA and the relationships between government, labor, and business. He discusses the support and hindrance available to the success of an organization like Services SETA with the objective of sharing his internal perspective with the broader community. 50 Shades of Greed takes an in-depth look at the Services SETA and its successes, and the wide-scale redevelopment of the Skills Development Framework over the decade in which Blumenthal served as its CEO.

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