[Download] 2014 Edition: The Business & Politics of Sports By Evan Weiner

2014 Edition: The Business & Politics of Sports

By: Evan Weiner
Length: 1,047 pages
Release date: Jan 1, 2014
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For many sports is a form of entertainment. People root for their team, although what they really are cheering is dirty laundry to use the words of the comedian Jerry Seinfeld. But sports is much more than that. Sports is powered by governments that make laws which regulate the business of sports. Most nations have Sports Ministers and sports is a government level position and concern. The e-book takes a look at the global sports industry between August 2010 and January 1, 2014. The topics included in the e-book range from American football players suffering brain damage from head injuries to protecting the Olympics with United States military forces. There are sections on stadiums and arenas, business, the media, television, college sports, women and the Olympics. There are also pieces that don't fit into any category that deal with racism and other topics. The e-book isn't about sports but business, politics and sports. A political policy e-book is some fashion.There is a treasure of topics with one central theme. Sports.

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