[Download] 15 British Murderers By Alex Frew

15 British Murderers

By: Alex Frew
Length: 102 pages
Release date: Sep 27, 2013
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This is the history of 15 notorious British Murderers. The horrifying list of evil includes Fred West, who hid his victims under the patio; Jack the Ripper, who needs no introduction here; and Dennis Nilsen, one of the most evil men of recent times.

The stories of these notorious people is told in chronological order, starting with the story of Madelaine Smith, the alleged Glasgow murderess ('although we know she did it!') and ending with the story of Fred and Rose West and the terrible deeds committed in what seemed to be an ordinary home with an extended family.

What these stories show more than anything else is that serial killers are as different from each other as members of the general population. Their terrible deeds will live on in history long after the names of their contemporaries have been forgotten.

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