Gemstones of the Zodiac

It is believed that those born in a given month will acquire the special benefits of the gemstone of that month by wearing it. It is probable that this originated from the custom of wearing various ornaments and gemstones for their magical powers.

Zodiac GemstonesThat the birth-month determines the course of one’s life and character, is to be found throughout most belief systems throughout the world. There is no proof that the wearing of gemstones alters the course of one’s life or character! However, it is a fact that certain gemstones have health giving properties and have been used by healers from the beginning of time.

This list of gemstones for the Zodiac is taken from the 1st Century when the Jewish High Priests of Israel decorated their ceremonial breastplates with twelve gemstones. This is described in the Bible –Exodus 28, 15-30.

It is believed that the dark blue stone Lapis Luzuli was used, rather than sapphires.

Garnet- dark red.

Amethyst- pale lilac through to deep purple

Aquamarine- sea green, Bloodstone-dark green with red spots

Diamond- transparent white

Emerald- bright green

Pearl –cream lustre

Ruby- red

Peridot –pale to mid green, Sardonyx- banded red and white

Sapphire- deep blue and Lapis Lazuli also deep blue

Opal-variegated, different shades according to country of origin

Topaz – yellow

Turquoise-sky blue, pale blue Zircon

There are varying degrees of shades and colours for many of the above gemstones.

For instance, the Opal from Australia is of delicate shades, whilst the Mexican opals are of different shades and called Fire Opals. Whilst some mirror the Australian opals, many are shades of fierce orange, yellow and reds.