Explanation of Psychic Surgery

In full trance more than three-quarters of the spirit of the person being used changes places with the entity in spirit using him/her. A certain percentage of the channeller’s Life Force must remain in their physical body to make certain an entire separation of spirit does not take place. (If it did so it would lead to death!) Some trance sessions are quick and fairly quiet on entry/exit of all entities using the channeller. However, I have known my daughter to be in trance for almost two hours and ‘used’ by more than one entity during that time. It is necessary in a case like this for her to come to a partial trance state and lower or heighten, her own vibrations to match the entity wishing to use her. Very often after psychic healing, it has been necessary for knowledge, not of a healing nature, to be imparted by an entity such as Edgar Cayce or another known to us in spirit. There is a clear distinction of the personality traits of each spirit entity as they come through.

Assessments of patients by those in spirit is often done whilst the patient is asleep. It is impossible for all patients to receive psychic surgery. Most conditions don't need it. Psychic surgery is done sometimes in semi-trance as well as full trance. Where the channel being used has a natural psychic ability, they can usually see problem areas clairvoyantly even when not in trance. They also pick up conversations taking place by those in spirit. This is often necessary for the information to be passed on to the facilitator.*

In my daughter’s case, during full trance her eyes are always closed. This is an important note to make-therefore all things are ‘seen’ through the senses of the one using her in trance. This means that although Harry and others using her as a channel do not see visually (her eyes being closed), he has often commented on delightful smells of baking from the kitchen wafting into the healing room, or, on occasion been annoyed by unexpected noise, which has intruded from outside of the healing room, and will ask for it to be stopped!

He has three-way conversations in almost every session. With myself, those in spirit, my daughter and my husband. When there is anyone else on the physical such as another patient, a visitor, or family members of patients present in the room, they too are always acknowledged and encouraged to ask questions where appropriate. Harry often speaks in an 'old-fashioned' manner, using words and phrases Elizabeth has never heard.

I have only seen one entity use Elizabeth with her eyes opened throughout. Initially this gave me a shock, as although I was looking into her eyes they were of a glassy appearance. I therefore realised that the person being channelled was a new entity. He then introduced himself and said that during his last lifetime in Russia, he worked as an ENT specialist. He had been forced to use thick lens spectacles due to short sight. Therefore he was taking the opportunity of using another’s eyes-fully open. Amusingly, he manifested signs of ‘missing' his glasses and indeed 'appeared' short-sighted. He was of course, remembering his previous incarnation. We understand he had passed over to spirit relatively recently and therefore his memory of glasses would be a very strong one.

Other trance healers often work with their eyes open. It is interesting to note that many channels being so used are accustomed to using spectacles in their own ‘normal’ life, but these are rarely used during trance work. Their own eyes can also take on a glassy appearance, although those using them as a channel see all. Trance healers usually take on the characteristics of the entity using them, which they also remember from their previous life.

Trance healers work in different ways. Most need a facilitator for any lengthy trance work, as it is important that patients are primed before and during the healing about certain procedures. During trance (with Elizabeth) it is very important that no one apart from the patient enters into the auric space of the channeller. To do so can actually harm some healers. When Elizabeth works in this way she is either seated or standing. Above all, her solar plexus area must be protected-this is the means of entry/exit of the entity using her.

The story is well documented of Edgar Cayce (the famous American seer and healer) giving a reading whilst in trance on one occasion, when a man in the audience walked up to him; and in passing a question on a note to the facilitator, accidentally put his hand into the area of Cayce’s solar plexus. This had an almost fatal result in that Cayce keeled over and for many hours those who worked with him thought that he might die. Cayce also has a very high vibration and worked in the same way as Elizabeth-with his eyes closed. For this reasons he was called The Sleeping Prophet. When Cayce used Elizabeth the speech was often so fast that it was difficult to keep up with what was said. He always appeared to be in a great hurry and often said 'Well, let's get on with it!'

Other trance-channel healers can be seen to work in an entirely different way. They walk about the room freely as if they are still fully inhabiting their own bodies. (They are not!) Some keep their eyes open, whilst others have their eyes closed, yet they sense/see perfectly. Some trance healers are in a semi-trance state, rather than full trance.

Trance healing can be taken to an extreme, where the healer actually works inside the patient’s body. Stephen Turoff, works in full trance, and is a well known exponent of this healing. For many years Turoff was extremely ill himself, and often hospitalised. He says this was a preparation for the healing of others. As this has been claimed by many others who themselves become healers, I don’t doubt Turoff’s claim. He is probably the most famous healer working as a psychic surgeon in the UK today.

Born in 1947, he has been a healer for 30 years and healed thousands. A Dr Joseph Abraham Kahn works through him, healing dozens of patients a day and working much in the way that the Brazilian healer Jose Arigo worked. Turoff also believes that Arigo works through him along side Kahn. Turoff says that Sai Baba, the Indian mystic and ‘man of miracles’ influences his work. This is interesting in that Sai Baba, of course, is still on the physical, where it is more usual to be helped by those on the spiritual plane. Turoff has help from both sides.

Sai Baba says, ‘Hands that help are holier than lips that pray.’ As the old saying goes: - ‘Action speaks louder than words’

There are many such healers working in the Philippines, where a blood and gore operation without benefit of anesthesia is not considered abnormal. Apparently the patient feels nothing. Whilst there are clearly charlatans in every walk of life, there was no disputing the miracles worked by the Brazilian peasant Arigo who reluctantly became a channel for psychic surgery.

Jose Arigo healed thousands, wielding a rusty knife and working in the most insanitary conditions. No one ever had an infection after an operation. An entity in spirit called Dr Adolphus Fritz worked through Arigo. Although the authorities imprisoned him, Arigo continued to work through the bars of his cell. One of the most fascinating accounts of this remarkable man is to be found in the book Arigo: Surgeon of the Rusty Knife written by John G. Fuller. Written by those who had been skeptical of Arigo’s claims, they were themselves operated on successfully. Arigo was thought by many to be the most famous healer in the world when he died in a terrible car accident in 1971. On Arigo’s death, Dr Fritz began working through a qualified obstetrician and gynaecologist named Dr. Edson Cavalliho

Those in spirit sense/see, not being able to see as we do on the physical. All is vibrational-even usage of the senses. They cannot hear the human voice, but know what we say as they tune in telepathically to our thoughts. Be careful what you think and say! Using the medium of trance healing through one on the physical, a healer in spirit, such as Harry Edwards, is enabled to see more than an X-ray. He can see the energy or auric fields (of which there are seven) and therefore sees/knows exactly where health problems lie. Any disease is shown within the auric field. Working on the auric field will not show any change on an X-ray or MRI scans. It is the auric field which is healed.

Anesthetics and instruments used during psychic surgery are made from an etheric or vibrational energy. Some patients can actually feel these, obviously not in the same way as an operation on the physical. In the cases of Turoff, Arigo and those in the Philippines, they will also use any physical instrument to hand. Physical changes would be seen by X-rays and tests, as the patient’s physical body has been operated on directly.

* A facilitator's role is to act as an intermediary between those channelling, the patient and any other individual in the healing room. There are certain procedures during psychic surgery which it is necessary for all to understand. Usually there are questions arising and the timing of this can be crucial.

Questions during Trance Healing: