Wisdom Keepers and Crystal Skulls

During the summer of 1998 four of us attended a weekend seminar called The Wisdom Keepers. This proved a productive weekend in many ways, but many individuals, were unhappy about certain information given out regarding the crystal skulls which we were privileged to see and touch.

We had, for some years been trance channelling information, part of which specifically referred to the 13 skulls which were once in existence on the earth plane. All of these skulls were encoded with secret knowledge. Few have been able to access this knowledge. Many believe that the only way to access information from skulls and other soul crystals is via the human mind, but only those chosen to receive this information will do so. Of the 13 skulls only a few of these are known of today, most of which are in private hands.

Museum's Photo of Crystal Skull
British Museum's Photo of Crystal Skull

The most perfect one, which has movable jaws, is known as the Anna Mitchell-Hedges skull, she is reputed to have discovered this in 1927 in a Mayan temple. It was found on her seventeenth birthday beneath an ancient altar in the temple, although at that time only the top half of the skull was discovered. Three months later, a few feet away, she found its detachable lower jaw. Her adopted father was ‘Mike’ Mitchell-Hedges, a British adventurer who roamed the Americas during the early years of the twentieth century. During 1927, Mitchell-Hedges was excavating the Mayan city of Lubaantum, although he had actually discovered the city in 1924. The skull weighed 5.9kg and is carved of pure rock crystal. According to Anna, her father gave the skull to the Mayans who lived in the area. They had told her father it was a God to them and once used for healing rites, but through it, death could be willed. Although they were delighted by its rediscovery, when their expedition left the city in 1927 the Mayan people gave the skull as a gift to the Mitchell-Hedges for help in bringing them medicines and clothing.

It is clear, from our own channellings on this subject, that the finding of this skull was no accident and Anna was intended to be the custodian of the skull during her lifetime. In his autobiography, Danger my Ally published in 1954 just five years before his death, Mitchell-Hedges had little to say regarding this exceptional skull. I believe by then, that he knew the importance of it and deliberately refrained from drawing public attention to it in order to protect both the skull and his daughter. Surprisingly, in September 1943 the skull came up for auction at Sotheby’s. Mitchell-Hedges had used it as security against a loan. The skull did not meet the asking price and Mitchell-Hedges who attended the sale, bought back the skull. It is a fascinating story. Clearly it was meant to stay in Mitchell-Hedges possession which it did until he died in 1959. Although it is lent on occasion to exhibitions and/or for research it remains with Anna Mitchell-Hedges.

Like the other quartz crystals skulls, with the exception of the rose quartz skull, it was, and still is used for scrying although not by Anna Mitchell-Hedges. It has a rounded, smooth dome. It is believed that it was always used for divination and in the upper part of the mouth is carved a ‘reading glass’. It is possible to gaze through the domed skull at the reading glass, which causes a certain magnification. Its eyes are prisms. Any messages therein of a clairvoyant nature would be seen. This skull is also known as the ‘Skull of Doom’. Anna Mitchell-Hedges has stated that after her death the skull will be willed to its next custodian-a person already known to her.

Two of the original 12 skulls remain hidden in Sth. America. One is made of pale blue quartz and lies in a cave in the area of Macchu Pichu. Unfortunately, like many of the skulls and other important soul crystals it is damaged. The fact that physical damage has occurred, does not damage its vibration. If a human being is damaged physically in an accident, that individual will still retain their soul vibration. The most important crystal skull of all is perfect and made of pure quartz. It waits for the right time for mankind in a pyramid not yet discovered in Egypt. (This is part of information, which was trance-channelled some years ago).

The largest skull is in the Smithsonian National Museum of American History. Although very heavy it is said to be hollow and we understand that this skull is not one of the 13 original skulls, all of which are solid. There have been many fakes, and with more interest being shown, more fakes are being made. I have seen several small crystal skulls in Mexico and two in the Canary Islands. This also applies to the smaller skull at the Trocadero Museum in Paris. It is not one of the original 13 skulls. It is believed to be Aztec and approx. 14th century.

Another genuine skull belongs to Joann Parks in Houston, Texas. It is known as Max. This should have been present during The Wisdom Keepers seminar, but problems had occurred and 2 of the skulls, including the famous Max were not on display, much to our disappointment.

Photo of Crystal Skull by Author
Photo of Crystal Skull by Author

There is also well known crystal skull in the British Museum. Our channel Edgar Cayce assured us, that this was one of the 13 original skulls. I had actually seen this prior to the Wisdom Keepers weekend (see photo). I had felt in awe of its exquisite carving, but I did not like the vibration of evil I sensed. It was said to present a problem to the museum administrators, because its unrelenting and evil gaze worried the cleaners employed by the museum. They had insisted a black cloth cover it when they were working. Shortly after my visit it was taken from display. (Nothing to do with my visit I can assure you!)

When I mentioned this to Kathy Grimshaw she said the skull had been ‘decatergorised’ and was presumed to be a fake. The so-called fake skull not only pre-dated the Mayan period when it was thought to have been carved, but was actually one of the thirteen crystal skulls known from Atlantean times. There are few facts known regarding this skull. The museum bought it from Tiffany’s, the New York jewellers, for the sum of £120 in 1898. No one appears to know where Tiffany’s obtained it. It is thought it may have been part of the booty amassed in Mexico by a soldier of fortune.

Interestingly, in the book The Mystery of the Crystal Skulls by Chris Morton and Ceri Louise Thomas, they too found difficulties in getting information on the skull in the British Museum. They believed that it, and the skull Sha-na-Ra, held by Nick Nocerino, went back much further in history than The Wisdom Keepers would have us believe. Clearly Nocerino has a great love and fascination for them. They sing/speak to him and he is able to access knowledge from the skulls. Nocerino had also seen the rose quartz skull and said it was the most beautiful of any he’d ever beheld.

ShaNaRah with Nocerino
ShaNaRah with Nocerino

Nick Nocerino is the world’s expert on crystal skulls and described during his lectures at The Wisdom Keepers how he’d been led to them all his life, following a dream when a child. When I met him, I immediately ‘saw’ Nocerino as one of the high priests in a Mayan civilisation. He had used the crystal skulls in that lifetime and in this lifetime returned to address the wrong usage of the skulls. The human skull played an important part in many of the religious/sacrificial ceremonies of the Mayan. They were also used after games in the Ball Court when the heads of the losers were displayed on stakes.

(See Mayans- Chichen Itza.) These ‘religious’ ceremonials and sacrifices continued with the Aztecs.

Following our weekend with The Wisdom Keepers, I asked many questions some of which were answered as below , through trance-channelling with the spirit entity of Edgar Cayce.

A. They (the crystals) have all been used in many civilisations over many thousands of years globally. Some have been lost through misuse or development of the Earth's environment-the shifting of the plates which caused earthquakes, have engulfed some which will re-appear when the Earth shifts again.

Q. Many of us were privileged to hold Sha-na-Ra. Clearly it touched us individually in different ways. It affected my dreams for a long time afterwards and during that first night after holding this skull, I couldn’t sleep because I heard music. Apparently a phenomena known to occur to some whom have been in contact with it. This occurs with Nocerino all the time. I also found my dream state much more vivid for many months. Is the amethyst skull Icabod, the custodian of which is the entity Kathy Grimshaw, one of the 13 skulls spoken of? I find it difficult to believe if so?

A. There has been some expansions of the original skull, and this was one. The original is much lighter in colour, a pale amethyst and of delicate nature, used as the centre skull around which the twelve quartz skulls were placed in a circle for the gathering of information. The delicate nature described was because its main function was of sending out the source of love ...to extend this, to enable it to become illuminated and send its radiance out to the other crystal skulls when placed in the fashion spoken of. This was to enable them to be activated to their optimum potential.

I mentioned that Icabod, the amethyst skull shown that weekend appeared unremarkable with only traces of amethyst in it. However, I was corrected when it was confirmed it has a large amount of amethyst within it, but that it has other aspects to it also. I personally had felt nothing on handling Icabod, but it was pointed out the importance of the personal relationship between a crystal and another.

Direct Channelled Answer: - The link or vibrational key is that one individual will attune to it vibrationally better than another and will have recognition of its vibration. A recognition of the skull itself. It's important to make the point that there are individuals who have their own opinion also of the history of the skulls. They have a right to judge this for themselves from what is presented to them personally from the skulls. It depends primarily upon who is the holder and the vibrational level of them, as to the knowledge that can be accessed. It's a mutual agreement between the soul crystal skull and the souls of those who are caretakers. It is important to acknowledge and express some of the keepers have been a party to the knowledge at the beginning of the time when they were utilised in Atlantis. This is the key behind the crystal skulls. It was established for the giving and receiving of knowledge for every individual soul to access and accept...or not accept. It was an individual choice. It is still that choice. Each individual’s experience with the same crystal may be different. You are given what you need to be given and what is allowed, a mutual transference of vibrational energy.

I had been told also, that Icabod is hollow and chevron crystal. I asked about the difficulty of carbon dating crystals and was told it is possible to a point.

A. Therein lies the problem. They (scientists) cannot categorise it as some of the carbon dating procedures lead to problems which has led to many different materials, historical and otherwise being dated incorrectly. This has been a problem since time began. Our planet is difficult to date, For when do you begin to date it, at the time of conception or from its birth? Time and again there are inaccuracies. The date of the Sphinx for instance was dated incorrectly. There have been several different individuals who now state that it was incorrect.... and perhaps even those are still wrong. Whilst techniques for carbon testing are becoming more accurate as time goes by, the problem with the crystal skulls is that you cannot carbon date something which has not got carbon in it...it is a silicon. To test such objects as the crystal skulls where do you begin? Where do you make the point in time? I hope you understand what I am trying to say. However, it is important to mention carbon dating. That it is inadequate as far as the testing of the crystal skulls is concerned, it is important to make that point.

Today quartz crystal is used not only by many healers, but also because of its highly stable properties; it is useful in the electronics industries. It is also used in watches and clocks...thus in a small way, particularly via the computer; we are almost coming full circle to Atlantean times when everything, literally, under the sun, was powered by crystals.